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Fixing E.T.

It’s not often you’ll catch your IT vendor admitting feeling a bit inferior, but here we are. Here’s someone who took the time to bit-twiddle the epochal E.T. video game and we have to admit: we feel a little inadequate after reading through their process. We doff our caps to them.

Voodoo Chile on the Gayageum

At cloudvillager, we’re pretty big Hendrix fans. To this day, we’d never heard of the traditional Thai instrument called the Gayageum, but here is someone rocking Voodoo Chile on one.

Ezra Klein on Trusting Google

Here, Ezra Klein lays out the problems “early adopters” are having trusting Google, a point we made in a post yesterday. The bottom line is that you need your early adopters to make up the bedrock of your audience. They bring in the majority of your users. If you make software, you need these people… Read more »

Requiem for an Aglet

Great hoodie. The Best Hoodie. Terrible aglets. Everything about the hoodie shows great care and attention to detail. The stitches are flawless and strong, the cuffs – though absurdly long – impart a feeling of permanence that I didn’t believe possible of a stretch material. But these damn aglets. My left aglet was split wide… Read more »

The “Pollinator” View of Google Reader

MG Siegler notes some downstream consequences for the closure of Google Reader. Indeed, because the Reader audience is composed of so many influencers, the pollination of content across blogs, social media platforms, and other sharing tools will suffer in the short term.

Why Killing Google Reader Was a Mistake

Google, as an advertising company, relies on its audience. Audiences are notoriously difficult to cultivate. Talk to any of the scores of media executives with tastes impeccable and checks unemployment; they’ll likely spin you a tale of a once-killer audience that evanesced as quickly as it grew, never quite sure of how it became, and… Read more »

Prince Rupert’s Drop

We here at Cloudvillager are pretty big fans of Smarter Every Day, but this video in particular is worth watching, if only for seeing a failure front at 100k frames per second.

Apple dominating the cloud storage market?

Well this is rather shocking. According to these analytics, Apple has a decent lead in market share for cloud-based storage products. We use iCloud here and there, but primarily use Dropbox for our cloud storage needs, and we can’t recommend it highly enough. It has been pretty amazing to see those guys grow their business… Read more »

On American Giant

We here at cloudvillager love to support domestic producers where we can. Here is a casual clothing producer making all of their garments in the United States. Their name is American Giant and they make clothes that last. If you’re not familiar, I highly recommend checking them out. They’re made entirely in the United States… Read more »