We provide our costs up-front

We don’t believe in obfuscating our costs with opaque estimates, nickel-and-dime add-ons, hidden project management fees, or any other trickery.

When we talk, we’ll provide you with a free estimate – an estimate that we’ll hold ourselves to. What we say it costs is what you’ll pay by the conclusion of the project.

How we quote

When you start a conversation with us, we’ll figure out the scope and we’ll deliver a detailed specification of the work to perform and exactly how much it will cost.

For whole projects, we’ll quote a single number. A final dollar amount that you can budget around. That’s it. There’s no hidden project management fees, no other add-on prices.

For our local staff augmentation or consulting projects, we have a single hourly rate: $100. We’ll work with you to design a budget and we’ll make sure that you know well before you are about to meet it.

At cloudvillager, our goal is to provide transparent, understandable pricing. When you look to an agency for help, you want someone you can trust, and we can’t think a better way to establish a trust-based relationship than to offer complete transparency in our pricing.