Cloudvillager Creates

Cloudvillager is in the next generation of consulting agencies. We offer a combination of design and IT consulting services that can’t be matched by agencies offering only one or the other.

We believe that design isn’t just how it looks, but how it works, and we apply that philosophy to every project.

Cloudvillager specializes in the now. The cutting edge. Responsive design. HTML5. CSS3.

We develop brands, advertisements, trade show booths, promotional items, and any other design task you can imagine.

On behalf of our clients, we work on almost every web platform around: .Net, Python, Ruby, Java, PHP – we’ve worked with them all. No matter your choice of platform, we can help you build to your vision.

We don’t just build brands and websites, we can also help you develop your software too. We have years of experience building desktop and web-based software. If you need to augment your staff or just need some advice, we’re just a click away.

Web Development

We’ve been developing for the web since 1998. We remember when tables were kind of a big deal.

Today, we’re applying the state of the art in responsive design to create amazing websites for our clients. We can build from your design, modernize your existing site, or design and create an entirely new site based on your needs.

From a basic “brochure site” to a fully-developed CMS-driven corporate presence, we can handle your web development needs.

Design Services

We believe that every business deserves a strong brand that reflects its culture, its values, and its people. We deliver that branding to our clients every day. Whether it’s as simple as designing an advertisement, or if you need an entire identity and design language created from scratch, we’re here for you.

Staff Augmentation / Consulting

It happens, we know. You’ve bitten off more than you can chew and you have time-critical projects that needs to be done right and they need to be done on time. We can help. We’ll start a conversation, we’ll figure out your needs, and we’ll get to the business of completing your projects.

Sometimes, though, you don’t need just another coder; you need a second set of eyes or an expert opinion to help you carve out a strategy for your product or line-of-business applications. We can help there too. With our rich development experience, we can help you figure out your needs and make some substantive, actionable suggestions to help you move forward.